How to Clean Brother Printer Drum Unit?


What Is The Procedure For Cleaning The Brother Printer Drum Unit?

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Cleaning The Brother Printer Drum Unit

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Printer drum, also referred to as an imaging drum and a photo-conductor, is an essential module of a laser printer as it serves as the catalyst for creating text and images.

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If you want to clean the printer’s drum unit, then just follow these steps:

  • Turn off the Power button and remove the cords softly. Pull them out from the system in-tray. Wait for no let than 15-20 minutes to cool down the inner parts.
  • Lay down newspaper on a flat. Make sure the base is flat and dust-free.
  • Protect your face and hands with dust masks and gloves respectively.
  • Take the lid of your printing device out the toner and lift it up. Keep it on a base.
  • Wear a Dust Mask and gloves.
  • Check the toner and read out the manual. Aftermath, look inside your device for checking how to take the device out of the drum. Lift it through left or right to check if it is removed.
  • Hold a flat headed screwdriver in the handle. Pull out the screwdriver gently and then remove the screws.
  • Quickly lift your imaging drum and be careful about avoiding coming into contact with any hard edge which may mark nicking on the level and keep it to any closed and dry surface.
  • Hold a toner cloth and put it forward to stretch it.
  • Use an alcohol-dipped cotton ball and clean the patches through it.
  • Rub it through a lint-free cloth.
  • Remove the toner from the corners with the help of soft bristle brush and rub the rug over it.
  • Place back your drum into the correct order and in case of removing the printing roller, put it back too.
  • Close the printer and exchange its paper trays.
  • Fold the paper which contains mutilated parts and then, dispose of it with the help of a garbage bag.
  • Leave it for less than 30 minutes and let the particle settle for some time.
    Since your parts have been cleaned now, you would encounter no trouble with the printout.

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